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Alto Global Processing Launches

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Alto Global Processinghas announced the official launch of the company.

The company said the team was formed by combining the strengths of three entities including technology, banking and operational partners.

Alto Global Processing specializes in the issuing of private merchant services and gateway services in the high-risk merchant sector of the online payment processing space.

The management team of Alto Global Processing said it had monitored and reviewed the state of the online billing industry and is confident that its business model will enable the company to be competitive due to the team’s experience, banking relationships and access to sophisticated technology.

“The entire online adult industry has rapidly evolved over the past two years in a manner that makes the business environment more challenging than ever,” CEO Luca Bizzotto said.

“Along with an increase in affiliate programs competing, decrease in quality webmasters and access to free content, the credit card association has become more savvy with policing merchants who continue to be overly aggressive and ultimately forcing bank closures due to fraudulent practices. So, to combat these trends, Alto Global Processing has taken a unique approach to solidifying their position as a banking partner to merchants.

The company said that in order to service merchants by offering them private merchant accounts, Alto Global Processing is dedicated to seeking banking relationships where there is true investment into the bank.

“More specifically, Alto Global Processing’s banking portfolio consists of banks that are not saturated with typical adult clients,” the company said.

“This minimizes the risk in associating Alto Global Processing merchants with those merchants who continue to be overly aggressive. Furthermore, Alto Global Processing seeks their preferred banking relationships to be premised on an ownership into the banking BIN and/or has an exclusive relationship with the bank and/or can directly underwrite merchants.”

The company said Alto Global Processing’s bank investment becomes more beneficial for clients and merchants in the ability to offer competitive rates, turn applications around in a quicker manner, to see the ‘big picture’ of a merchant, and to have more control in ensuring the merchant processes at its highest potential.

The company said this philosophy extends to Alto Global Processing gateway services. The team owns the code behind the platform giving clients access to custom services, discounted fees and customer service.

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